Shallow water dredging from dry ground to 6 meters depth.


JSC ,,Hidrum’’ specializes for various water management jobs:

  • Suction and backhoe dredging in rivers, canals, harbors, lakes and coastal waters
  • Dredging in areas, where there is water traffic
  • Dredging in places where it is difficult or impossible to work with other machinery (wetlands, shallow waters, shorelines, industrial pools, under bridges, in tunnels etc.)
  • Where versatile dredger is needed, which can both pump and excavate
  • Where it is not feasible to mobilize several one-purpose machines (cutter suction dredger, backhoe dredger, tugboat, assembly cranes)
  • Where pile driving in water or on the shoreline is needed
  • Where vegetation disturbs conventional dredgers
  • Where vegetation has to be removed
  • Environmental dredging


Very typical work for Watermaster Classic is deepening canals, rivers and other water ways. Many sites, which are impossible for other machines to get to, can be deepened and cleaned easily with Watermaster. The vegetation and trash isnormally removed first by backhoe work and then the bottom is deepened to the desired depth by backhoe work or by pumping.