Cleaning works of the pond near Kaišiadorių V. Giržadas pro-gymnasium. Kašiadorys.

Cleaning works of exhibition ponds for wild birds. Lithuanian Zoo. Kaunas.

Cleaning of Lake Talkša and its shores from excess water plants. Šiauliai.

Cleaning works of the Naujoji Akmenė Rasos pond.

Water vegetation romovall works on the public beach in Elektrėnai Lagoon.

Engure port fairway dredging works by dredger. Latvia.

Dredging works of Jurbarkas Mituva’s stationary pier in the Imsrė River with a dredger.


Cleaning of the Babtai pond and restoration of the shores of the water body.

Dredging works of the Valga city pond with a dredger. Estonia.

Cleaning of the Ramuciai pond and restoration of the shores of the water body.

Works of cutting the aquatic vegetation of the Elektrėnai lagoon public beach and removal to the shore.

Engure harbor fairway dredging works. Latvia.

Cleaning works of the bottom of the pond in the campsite of the Vilnius Jesuit gymnasium.

Dredging of Lampėdžiai lake by dredger to install a rowing course. Kaunas.


Cleaning works of K-382 tank-accumulator No. 2 of the plumbing workshop.( industrial pond cleaning) Achema AB.

Filling geotextile bags with sand with a dredger for the construction of dams in the Nemunas River.

Water condition improvement works in Lake Simnas and Dovine River. Simnas.

Construction of steel pipes to the bottom of Lake Lampėdžiai. Installation of a rowing course.

Flood prevention (ice-breaking ) works in the Neris River.

in 2020

Restortion of the Nevėžio river bottom in Panevėžys.

Installation of culvert . Ramučiai, Kaunas district.

Zardes artificial water reservoir cleaning and environmental improvement works. Klaipeda.

Water condition improvement works in Lake Simno and Dovine River. Simnas.


Works for the maintenance of the beds and shores of the Zagienis stream. Panevezys.

Restoration works in the area important for the protection of birds in the Nemunas Loop Regional Park on Nemunas Island.

Engure harbor dredging works. Latvia.

BAST Baršėnai swamp nature restoration services.

BAST coastal nature restoration services of Rašu Lake.

Užutrakis manor homestead pond no. XV renewal works. Trakai.

in 2018

Dredging works of Roja port. Latvia

Water vegetation remowing works in the Levens river and in the Pasvalys city pond.

Installation works of the inland waterway in the Curonian Lagoon (from the fairway Atmata – Klaipėda) to Ventės Ragas.

Conservation management of the banks of the Nevežis River – recultivation of the temporary silt settler. Panevezys.

Reconstruction works of the Pier of the Ventes Ragas ornithological station.

Cleaning works of industrial ponds with a dredger. Eleltrėnai.

Dredging of Naswa Harbor. Estonia.