What is harbour dredging?

Harbour dredging is an important process that removes sediment, silt, and debris from the bottom of harbours and navigation channels. Our team of skilled professionals first performs thorough research and planning, carefully assesses sediment levels, and identifies areas that require dredging. Careful work allows us to create a comprehensive dredging plan tailored to the specific needs of each port.

How is harbour dredging done?

After the studies and design are completed, the dredging process begins using the “Watermaster Classic” dredger. The design of the multi-purpose dredger allows access to confined spaces, ensuring that no area of the harbour is left untouched when suctioning sediment and debris from the harbour bottom, increasing the navigable depth.

Throughout the harbour dredging process, we prioritize environmental protection by ensuring that water quality and sediment concentrations are closely monitored. We minimize any potential negative impact on marine life and adhere to environmental regulations.

With more than 15 years of experience, modern equipment, we provide exceptional harbour dredging services. Our goal is to create safe, navigable ports that contribute to economic growth, ensure smooth maritime operations, and protect the surrounding environment.