What is sand and gravel pumping?

Sand and gravel pumping involves extracting sand and gravel from quarries or other bodies of water using a specialized suction system. This process eliminates the need for conventional excavation methods, reduces environmental disturbance and reduces the costs associated with traditional gravel extraction methods.

The main advantage of our extraction by dredger “Watermaster Classic” is that we can take sand from 5.5 m. depth from the exploited quarry. Using modern equipment and with more than 15 years of experience, we offer solutions for sand and gravel extraction, adapting to the individual needs of each sand or gravel quarry, water body.

What do you need to know about gravel pumping?

By cooperating with clients, we find out their specific needs and solutions for the expected extraction work. For sand and gravel pumping, we use the “Watermaster Classic” multipurpose dredger, which has high-performance suction equipment designed for efficient sand and gravel pumping. The powerful submersible pump can perform gravel and sand pumping in quarries that do not have an electrical input, as our multi-purpose dredger uses a diesel internal combustion engine. Our experienced specialists work precisely with the pumping equipment, managing the pumping process. They use modern technology to control the suction depth.

Access to the water body is simple and does not damage the landscape of the water body, as our specialists work with the multi-functional “Watermaster Classic” dredger, thanks to which all work at the workplace can be done with one machine. There is no need to transport a lot of equipment to the work site: a dredger, a floating crane, an excavator on a pontoon, a tugboat or other auxiliary vessel for anchoring or other equipment. Because this multi-purpose dredger has a wide range of movement, work can be done where no other equipment can do it. The sand and gravel extracted from the water body is transported by underground pipeline up to 1.5 km of distance.