Our services
We specialize in cleaning lakes, ponds, rivers, and canals with a suction pump. We conduct port dredging work and maintain industrial pools. We take care of overgrown coasts: we cut and uproot aquatic vegetation with roots. We conduct sludge and gravel pumping work.
The main jobs we can do depending on your needs:
•Cleaning and deepening of bottoms of lakes, rivers, ponds, canals, port aquatoriums and other water bodies, including bucket excavation work;
•Cleaning and deepening of navigable waterways (the use of the technology does not obstruct the fairway and does not restrict navigation due to executed work;
•Removal of various vegetation from water;
•Operations of pile driving in waters and on shores;
•Excavation of trenches for underwater communications and laying of underwater communication lines;
•Cleaning of water bodies in conservation areas.
In addition, we are engaged in the construction of water sports facilities, which includes the dredging of rowing tracks according to prepared projects. In Lithuania, we have improved the condition of the Trakai rowing track and completed the installation of the Lampėdžiai rowing track in the lake that meets international requirements.
We work throughout Lithuania. One of the biggest projects was conducted in the city of Kaunas, where we cleaned and fixed the Nemunas island canal. The sludge and contaminated soil were excavated by a floating crane, loaded onto barges, and shipped out in 2012. In that year, we also conducted the cleaning of the northern part of Talkša lake and the maintenance of access in Šiauliai. During the execution of the work, an area of 10.5 hectares of the lake was cleaned, sludge settlers were built, and 251,500 m3 of sludge was removed from the lake with dredgers and excavators. We also conducted the revitalization of Skapiškis lake in the town of Kupiškis, and the removal of past pollution of Varliaežeris lake.
We work abroad: in Poland, Latvia, Estonia. In Latvia, we conducted the dredging and marking of the Lielupe harbour fairway. The fairway cleaning-dredging project in the port of Jūrmala covered 9900 m3. We cleaned the Rapina lake in Estonia. During the execution of the work, an area of 14 hectares of the lake was cleaned, and 176,500 m3 of sludge was removed from the lake with dredgers. In 2016 and 2017, dredging work was conducted in Soru and Nasva ports.