What are industrial pools?

An industrial pool is a body of water specially designed for industrial use. It is usually built in industrial complexes or manufacturing plants to serve various purposes. These pools are designed to meet specific industrial processes: cooling, storage of sludge from production processes. Industrial pools may include special equipment such as pumps, filters, and monitoring systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.

How is maintenance of industrial pools done?

Using “Watermaster Classic” technology, we clean thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, paper industry and other industrial pools. Using this equipment, it is not necessary to stop the production process of factories and it is not necessary to release water from industrial pools. Cleaning processes can be conducted continuously.

Maintenance of industrial pools can be easily conducted using the pumping and autonomous movement capabilities of the “Watermaster Classic”. If the pools are close to each other, the dredger brought on the car platform can move from one pool to another with the help of a bucket mechanism and floats. It can pump the accumulated mass from one place to another at one and a half kilometres, and its bucket mechanism is perfectly adapted to the management of the banks of the pool.

We can ensure that pool cleaning will be effective with the help of the technology we use and thanks to the long-term experience of our specialists.