What is a suction pump?

Our services are performed using the “Watermaster Classic” multi-purpose dredger manufactured by the Finnish company “Aquamec Ltd. ” This technology is suitable for coastal management, cleaning of lakes, rivers, canals, piling, laying cables and pipes on the bottom, cleaning ponds. We use technology that is environmentally friendly, which is why it is particularly useful in the implementation of environmental projects in protected areas.

Because the “Watermaster Classic” dredger is multi-functional, all the work needed for projects can be done with one machine on site. There is no need to bring various other equipment to the workplace: a floating crane, an excavator on a pontoon, a tugboat or other auxiliary vessel for anchoring, etc. Therefore, the versatility of the “Watermaster Classic” ensures a competitive price for the job.

When digging by suction, the “Watermaster Classic” can transport soil up to 1.5 km via a pipeline.

Performance during pumping – 500 m3/h (90 m3/h of pure soil).

The maximum suction depth is 5.4 m.

A fully assembled dredger is brought to the work site on a platform by a truck or comes by water on its own. After bringing the dredger to the work site, it gets off the platform, enters and exits the water without any additional help.

Dredger rental

We provide dredger hire services at an hourly rate.