How is cable laying done underwater?

We specialize in laying cables underwater and strive for precision, which is why we ensure the successful installation of cables and pipelines. Civil engineering work is common for our dredger. The “Watermaster Classic” is ideal for cable, pipe laying, and can also perform a variety of pipeline maintenance tasks. The more difficult the working conditions, the better the advantages and capabilities of the “Watermaster Classic” are revealed.

To protect cables and pipelines, we use various construction methods that ensure their safety, for example, we bury them in the bottom using the specialized “Watermaster Classic” dredger. We bury cables or pipes up to 4 m in depth, which ensures greater stability and protection from negative external factors. Throughout the process, we adhere to strict quality assurance requirements, with regular inspections and tests to ensure the performance of cables and pipelines.

Our team performs regular inspections, monitors the operation of cables and pipelines, and quickly resolves any problems that arise. We offer comprehensive cable and pipe laying and maintenance services. A multi-functional dredger adapted for various jobs and a team of experienced specialists will ensure high-quality, efficient, and timely performance of work.