The technology we use
The technology we use is “Watermaster Classic”, multi-functional dredgers manufactured by the Finnish company Aquamec Ltd. Thanks to the movement capabilities, variety of functions, high precision, and low draft of these dredgers, we can perform work where no other equipment can do it.
The “Watermaster Classic” dredgers used in our work are ideal for coastal management, cleaning, dredging and maintenance of lakes, ponds, rivers, and canals, piling and cable and pipe laying.
With the use of multifunctional technologies, all jobs on the job site can be done with one machine. There is no need to transport a lot of equipment to the workplace: a dredger, a floating crane, an excavator on a pontoon, a tugboat, or another auxiliary vessel for anchoring.
Excavation can be done by “Watermaster Classic” with various pumps, buckets, or a rake. It can remove floating or growing grass, stones, silt and other soil and other debris from the bottom. The multipurpose dredger “Watermaster Classic” can transport soil up to one and a half kilometres through the underground cable when digging by pumping.
The “Watermaster Classic” dredger is brought to the work site on a platform by a truck or it can arrive by water on its own. A fully assembled dredger can get off the platform, enter and exit the water without any additional assistance.
Since the dredgers we use are among the most environmentally friendly and modern in the world, they are irreplaceable when implementing environmental projects, performing work in nature reserves and in urbanized areas. One example of such projects conducted by us is the environmental management and cleaning of the Agluona River and its valleys from harmful substances in 2008 in the city of Biržai. During the execution of the work, 6.8 hectares of contaminated areas were cleaned, 135,000 m3 of silt was removed from the riverbed with dredgers, silt settlers were built, and 3 km of riverbanks were repaired.