How is work in protected areas done?

Protected areas are land and/or water areas with clear boundaries, which have a recognized ecological or other value and for which a special regime of protection and use has been established. They aim to preserve, ensure the ecological balance of the landscape, the balanced use and restoration of resources, therefore it is important that the water bodies located in such a territory, such as a reserve, are in good ecological condition.

With the “Watermaster Classic”, it is possible to conduct the necessary environmental management work in protected areas without harming nature. Since all work can be done with one noiseless machine, there is minimal harm to the harmony of nature, tourism in protected areas, scientific research, and monitoring of the state of the environment. By excavating the exact amount of soil in the right place, a sufficient water level is preserved, and flooding is avoided. It also improves the living conditions of fish and other aquatic animals. During all projects, we actively monitor and evaluate the impact of our work on the environment.

Our aim is to leave a positive and lasting impact when working in protected areas. Using our experience, responsible practices, and advanced equipment, we achieve project goals while preserving the ecological integrity of habitats.