What is a multi-functional dredger?

We conduct work using the “Watermaster Classic” multifunctional dredger manufactured by the Finnish company “Aquamec Ltd.” This technology is ideal for coastal management, cleaning and maintenance of lakes, ponds, rivers, and canals, piling and cable and pipe laying. The technology we use is one of the most modern in the world, which is why it is indispensable for the implementation of environmental projects in nature reserves.

With the “Watermaster Classic” multi-purpose dredger, all work on the job site can be done with one machine. There is no need to transport a lot of equipment to the workplace: a floating crane, an excavator on a pontoon, a tugboat or other support vessel for anchoring, etc.

Excavation can be done by “Watermaster Classic” with various pumps, buckets, or rake. It can remove floating or growing grass, stones, silt and other soil and other debris from the bottom.

Productivity when digging with a bucket – about 50 m3/h.

The maximum digging depth is 4.3 m.

A fully assembled dredger is brought to the workplace on a platform by a truck or comes by water on its own. When the dredger is brought in by a truck, it gets off the platform, gets in and out of the water, without any additional help.