How are water bodies cleaned?

The cleaning equipment we use is a universal suction pump and dredger specially designed for cleaning rivers, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. The technology includes the capabilities of a dredger and a floating excavator, so it is perfect for cleaning various water bodies: rivers, lakes, their shores, canals, peatlands, and ponds. 

The “Watermaster Classic” is designed to work both in water and on land. It can be used to manage water bodies and coasts. The flexibility of the multi-purpose dredger allows us to clear areas that cannot be reached with conventional equipment.

One of the main functions of the “Watermaster Classic” is dredging, during which sediment, silt and debris are removed from the bottom of water bodies with the help of a pump. The maximum distance of pumped soil transportation by pipeline is 1500 meters. The machine is equipped with a powerful excavator arm, which has various interchangeable accessories: buckets, grippers, pump. These additives collect and remove unnecessary materials, effectively cleaning the bottom of the water body from grass and mud. 

The “Watermaster Classic” can also perform excavation tasks to form a water body or create canals. A multipurpose dredger can dig and move soil, stones, sand, gravel. This function is especially useful when creating or maintaining navigation canals, removing obstacles, or shaping the shores of rivers and lakes, ponds, installing swimming pools, beaches.

Aquatic vegetation can create inconvenience in rivers and lakes, affecting water flow and obstructing navigation. The “Watermaster Classic” has uprooting attachments that can effectively uproot these unwanted plants. The multi-purpose dredger removes and collects vegetation, which is transported and stored on shore with an additional “Truxor” or “Watermaster Classic” floating machine.

Accumulation of sediment and silt is a frequent problem in river and lake conditions, affecting water quality, navigation, and ecosystem health. The “Watermaster Classic” can vacuum the sediment by removing excess sediment with a pump. This work helps restore the depth of the water body, maintain natural habitats, and prevent floods. 

The “Watermaster Classic” is designed with environmental considerations in mind. It uses a system that reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Due to its mobility and variety of functions, it is especially good for cleaning and maintaining lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, etc. It does not interfere with water traffic because, unlike most equipment used for work in rivers and canals, it is anchored with floats, not ropes. The “Watermaster Classic” is particularly suitable when excavation work requires high precision.

Our multipurpose dredger and our experienced staff guarantee accurate, efficient, and long-lasting results. We are a reliable partner in cleaning the bottom of water bodies.

What does the price of pond management depend on?

The price depends on many factors, for example, the area to be treated, the distance of the aquatic vegetation, the intensity of the overgrowth, the distance of the pipeline, whether the vegetation is cut, or uprooted, or the sludge is removed, etc. Therefore, a preliminary price can only be determined after a telephone conversation or on-site inspection. We will be happy to advise and help you set up a coast that will make you happy.